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  1. Is it a monster?! No, just the biggest bug we've ever seen! The children (and staff) were amazed when we spotted these gigantic beetles limbering through the bag of compost today;


    and we just had to put them in a pot and get a better look at them. It's interesting to note the children's reactions - some of them leap away in horror, others want to hold them (and stroke them!) whilst some children suggested making a bed for them - which is what we did:

    Bugs 3

    We found them when we started planting some spring bulbs that were donated - yes, it may be a little late, but we're trying! The children enjoyed filling the pots and planting the bulbs and we've put them somewhere safe until they grow:



    Oh, in case you were wondering, we named the beetles.........William and Kate, of course, suggested by one of the children!


  2. Well, today we dug the garden over!

     Garden 1

    We were lucky enough to have some parents come along and help, as well as some staff and committee. It was tough work but we managed!

    garden 2

    The garden has been transformed from a general overgrown dumping ground to a much larger and empty site. We have filled four green wheelie bins, and had the hedge trimmings removed by Tony Deacon.

    garden 3

    Items found included two tennis balls, a plastic coin, an empty strawberry container and some unidentifiable objects.

    garden 4

    Doesn't it look different? We recycled an old green carpet in place of weed membrane:

    garden 5

    Next step - gravel/pebbles and a raised flower plot. We also have plans for a willow screen and bench at the far end, with some wind chimes. We have some parents who are planting seeds for us and we hope to purchase some planters to dot around the place :)