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At The Willows we have so much fun!

We hope to use this page to demonstrate the additional activities that we offer, and show how we get involved.

The Little Zoo Visit:

We invited The Little Zoo to come and visit us with a range of animals.

They brought a Royal Python:

The Zoo 1                         The Zoo 2                               The Zoo 3


A hissing cockroach:

The Zoo 4         


A baby skunk:

The Zoo 5                     The Zoo 6                    The Zoo 7


A pygmy hedgehog:

The Zoo 8     


A millipede (which poo-ed on someone's hand!)

The Zoo 9                   The Zoo 10     TheZoo 11                           The Zoo 12

A racoon:

The Zoo 12             The Zoo 14              The Zoo 15



Summer Craft Session 


We created masks:

craft4                 craft5              craft6

We designed finger puppets and showed them off in our theatre:

craft8           craft7            

We then whittled and hollowed elder to make telescopes and wands:

craft1                            craft3        



I thin the children enjoyed it.................I am quite sure some of the adults did too!