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  1. Sarah and I were inspired to create a paint tower after seeing one on YouTube.

    We tried a small version to establish what quantities we needed:

    paint tower 1

    It was great fun and the children were entranced, watching the paint spilling:

    paint tower 2

    We hope to do this on a large scale outside.

    paint t


  2. The screenhas been put up, and the bark fencing is in place (thank you Jackie).

    It has created a little quiet area which looks so inviting:


    We hope to use this area in small groups.

    We have also planted the first seeds. Well, the children have planted them:

    Planting seeds

    Hopefully they will grow into beautiful wild flowers and attrcat butterflies.

    We now need to put up some bird boxes and the ladybird house, then start to use the area properly.

    If you have any seedlings or cuttings, we would love to use them :)