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  1. Cooking 3CookingToday we made gingerbread men: we cut up the butter, then melted it with sugar and treacle.


    We mixed in the other ingredients - it was quite hard to mix up!

    Then we used the cutter to make our figures, and added eyes and buttons:

    Gingerbread men

    It smelled delicious!

    It also inspired us to play the story of the Gingerbread Man outside - Debbie tried to catch us all and we ran away!!




  2. We started off playing catch with a ball outside; then we graduated to bats and balls....until they all went over the fence!

    One of the children found the hula hoops and we practiced rolling them and spinning them; this led to trying to make them come back to us and playing hoopla!

    Our circus skills were certainly put to the test :)